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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Losing weight, gaining weight

Two stories: one has pathos; the other is the most disturbing I've read since I started blogging. (I'm a cynical dog who isn't disturbed much, by and by.)

First, the pathos:
A Colaba couple who didn’t want their extra pounds to embarrass their only son underwent a gastric bypass operation to lose weight yesterday.

Prakash Sharma (33) and wife Renu (30), the doting parents of Paresh (2), were mortified that his friends might tease him if they remained obese after he grew up.
And the other story:
A girl of 13 deliberately made herself fat to end years of abuse by a bullying paedophile, a court heard yesterday.

Vile Mark Borthwick, 39, had preyed on the tormented youngster for three years from when she was ten.

She decided the only way to end the “systematic and vile” abuse was by over-eating to make herself less attractive to him.
So for three years, every time this girl sat down at a meal, she ... ate.

Fine world we live in.
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