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Monday, June 12, 2006


The Times of India reports:
Angry at the screening of 'Fanaa' at Amber cinema hall in Jamnagar, a youth from Rajkot set himself on fire in the hall's toilet on Sunday afternoon during the intermission of the 3 pm show.
The fellow survived, and it now turns out that his self-immolation was caused not by his disliking the film, but because he is upset that Aamir Khan hasn't yet apologised to the people of Gujarat.

Sigh. Immense temptation comes to defend Aamir's right to state his opinion, the right of the producers of "Fanaa" to exhibit the film wherever they want, and the right of anybody to see the film, even if that seems masochistic to some of us. But all these would be stating the obvious. So instead I shall defend the right of the protagonist of this story to harm himself in any way that he desires. His body, his life, who are we to stop him?

On the other hand, it can't be denied that by trying to burn himself in the theater's loo, he was no doubt damaging private property. Tsk tsk.
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