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Monday, June 26, 2006

Banning skirts, measuring skirts

IANS reports that a woman's commission in Madhya Pradesh "has suggested a ban on the wearing of skirts in schools and colleges and a strict dress code to control incidents of crime against women."

Sigh. Once again women are expected to bear the brunt for what men might do, and this twisted and flawed causality, of sexual crimes being caused by the way women dress, has become way too common in this country.

Later in that piece, the commission's chairman clarifies:
We don't want skirts to be banned but we are certainly against short skirts.
Cops all over Madhya Pradesh are no doubt buying measuring tapes and salivating at the task that might soon be given to them. No doubt a course will soon be introduced in the Officers' Academy: Measuring Skirts.

The reason I'm against this ban, by and by, has nothing to do with my oft-stated support for individual freedom. I'm just a huge fan of skirts.
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