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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Vijayawada Blues

Many, many summers ago, I went to Vijayawada to represent Maharashtra in India's national junior chess championships. My friends warned me that it was so hot there that crows often fell down dead. I replied, with youthful bravado, that I was not a crow. Little did I know...

Anyway, I've mentioned this before on this blog. I merely mention it again because of a news item that Vijayawada is now to get its own anthem. The municipal commissioner of the city, a gentleman with the mellifluous name of Natarajan Gulzar, says, "We have a national anthem. The states have their own songs and why not a signature song for the city?" Another gentleman whose designation takes up most of the next para talks about pride and identity. The anthem is due to be "a ringtone for every mobile phone in the city."

Goofy. But there is one wise thing I would advise the authorities at Vijayawada to do: commission the anthem from Blogswara. This is a collective of bloggers with different kinds of musical talents -- composing, singing etc -- who have come together virtually and have actually produced an album. It's an outstanding initiative, and a great example of the possibilities of our online age. Vijayawada would get some terrific publicity if it went to these fellas for their anthem. And people across the world would know of them for more than just their weather.

Either way, more power to Blogswara.
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