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Monday, May 08, 2006

It certainly isn't populism

But what the hell is it? I come across these lines in the "ideology" page of Lok Paritran:
Reality is a continuum. Knowledge system, in shortest, is fragmentation imposed upon the continuum of reality. Fragmentation is always a necessity for understanding of the unknown. Every fragment in the knowledge system becomes a construct or an entity that is defined in the knowledge system. This very fact shows that different knowledge systems can be build on the same reality based on different possibilities and patterns of fragmentation.
Badri described such language as "the best way to drive people away," and I couldn't agree more. It sounds suspiciously like postmodernism, and I wonder if the Lok Paritran chaps have a nonsense-ideology generator similar to this. Some of them are from the IITs, a fact they've taken pains to advertise, but they're hardly going to reach out to people with rubbish like this. And they're giving the IITs a bad name.

Also read young Dhoomketu's post on the subject.
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