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Monday, May 15, 2006

Growing hips

It takes a lot to make a jaded old blogger speechless, but that's just what happened to me when I read this article. In particular, this quote by Minissha Lamba:
I am surely obsessed with my growing hips. I want them to grow much bigger than they are. And that's the reason I love doing all those things, which will make my hip bigger and bigger. I feel there is nothing wrong in having bigger hips.
What she means by "all those things" is, sadly, not specified. The rest of the piece rocks as well.

First Wild and Wetty, and now this. Is HTTabloid playing some elaborate joke on us all? Or are they really like this only?

Update (May 16): Young Shilpa informs me that HT has removed this piece. Indeed, I note that they also removed the Wild and Wetty piece (before doing so, they'd apparently changed the headline to "Wild and Witty"). Such is the power of India Uncut?

On a more serious note, newspapers really should take their websites more seriously, and hire good editors and writers for them. They have a mid-90s attitude to what, in 2006, is very serious business. Their loss.

Update 2 (May 16): Reader Sonny Gill informs me that the page is still available here, and cached here.
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