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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A flighty purchase

Reuters reports:
A Chinese businessman who bought a Russian fighter jet online wants his money back after finding it could not be shipped to China, state media reported on Tuesday.

Zhang Cheng, a Beijing businessman, bid $24,730 and paid a $2,000 deposit for the former Czech air force plane on Chinese-based eBay, Xinhua news agency said.
Ten years ago, could a man from China have brought a Russian fighter plane on a website founded in America? Huh, huh?

Yes, there are delivery problems and suchlike, but you get the drift.

And while on delivery, I must decline the kind offer of a fellow blogger to send me to the moon. They don't have malls there, I am reliably informed, and an evil capitalist consumerist like me will be lost without anything to purchase madly. (This link via email from Kusum.)
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