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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Do you want to email your MP?

I thought not. But in case you did, I would have linked the pages where you get email IDs of Lok Sabha MPs and Rajya Sabha MPs (via Nikhil). But since you don't I won't.

You could send them spam of course. I can imagine two MPs chatting:

MP 1: Mishraji, I have just got an email that seems to be offering me a free trip. Only thing is, I don't know the destination.

MP 2: Sharmaji, how strange. Are you sure?

MP 1: Yes, Mishraji. All it says is that on the way I will stop at Agra. Via Agra, it says. Something like that.

MP 2: I see, Sharmaji. And by the way, please stop calling me Mishraji, I am Guptaji. There, Mishraji is coming here.

MP 3: I am not Mishraji either. I am an audio file.

Ok, ok, I'll stop now.
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