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Monday, February 20, 2006

New eyes, old eyes

Home always seems different when you return after a long time. I arrived back in Mumbai early Saturday morning after almost two months of travel, of which 42 days were spent in Pakistan, and I looked at everything here with new eyes. Marine Drive seemed sparklingly nice in the evening, all lit up and suchlike, and the city seemed so vibrant, with people on the move everywhere. There were so many options of places to eat at and things to do and magazines to buy and new TV channels to see and so on. And nicest of all, there were so many women everywhere. Why hadn’t I noticed it all these years?

After weeks of excitement, I’d suddenly felt jaded in my last two days in Lahore, no longer excited by the city. Now, after so long away from Mumbai, I am as wide-eyed as a child. How long will this last?
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