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Monday, February 20, 2006

Linkaciousness begins soon

When India Uncut doesn't travel, it is largely a filter-and-perspectives blog. In other words, I link to stuff I find interesting and give my two bits. Now that I'm back in India, I'll go back to doing that, but will also try to intersperse it with more personal posts, thus thoroughly indulging myself and boring you.

In the meantime, let me share some links with you. I hardly got time to read anything during my travels, but here are a handful on links that did catch my eye.

1] Rahul Bhatia, whose joyful glow these days is surely caused either by pregnancy or facewash, writes about the loneliness of travel. I read his post at a time when I could so empathise with what he wrote about. The thing is, it's not a loneliness caused by a lack of company, but a deeper, more existential feeling, and one that merely comes to the surface when we are on the road. I'm happy to be back among loved ones, but the feeling is there somewhere, all coiled up and ready to spring loose.

2] Madhu Menon, who left a flourishing career as a tech maestro to start a restaurant, gives us "Tips on making a radical career shift." I love his beef. (No, not what you think.)

3] Sidin Vadukut, who once wrote the funniest post ever, now writes the funniest post ever. Envy comes. (Link via Gaurav.)

4] Chandrahas Choudhury writes a scathing review of Rang De Basanti. He might be shifting to Delhi soon. (The above two sentences are not necessarily related.)

And now, back to my old haunts.
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