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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Viruses in washing machines?

Aadisht Khanna tears apart Chetan Bhagat's attempt at a book. And Ravikiran Rao adds his own two bits here:
It is Kaizad Gustad all over again. Write a mediocre first novel (or make a mediocre first movie). People go ga ga over it. You get encouraged, and your second work ends up as something so bad that people wonder what went wrong. I’ve said this before and I will say it again. Bad novelists (and film-makers) are not born. It is society that makes them this way. It is your toleration of mediocrity that makes them this way.
Tut-tut, itna gussa? I disagree with one point there. Bad novelists and film-makers are indeed born, and I have no issues with 'society' encouraging them. Everyone should read what they enjoy reading, and if they, heh, like Chetan Bhagat, or even Michael Moore or Deepak Chopra, fair enough. What goes of my father if people read authors I don't like, as long as I get to read what I want? Society pe mat daalo yaar, waisi koi cheez hai hi nahin, sab individuals hai, apni apni pasand hai.
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