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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Polarising India

Here's a piece by me in the Guardian about Sourav Ganguly.

I've also been contracted by BBC Radio to provide regular updates through the first Test, at least, and have been doing updates from here since Sunday as well. Writing those quick little scripts for myself reminded me of my days as a TV scriptwriter in the 1990s, when I spent five years in MTV and Channel [V]. When you write for such mediums, you have to imagine the person you're writing for saying those words, and write only what sounds natural coming from them. So I wrote a short script for myself, then read it aloud, and then went chop, chop, chop, excising whatever sounded odd, changing bits here and there. It was interesting, and I think this process may well help me spot weaknesses in my writing that I would have been too lazy to discover otherwise. And, of course, fun will come.

I've been very busy the last two days meeting people and working on stories, and today will be another such day. But it will all lead to posts. Watch this space.
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