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Saturday, January 14, 2006

IndiBlog of the Year

That's India Uncut! Thanks to all of you who voted for me. After an immensely stressful day at the press box in the Gaddafi Stadium, it made my day to return to my guesthouse and find that so many people think me deserving of this honour. Oops, music's started, got to wind up the speech now. Er, thank you again!

And congratulations to all the winners in the other categories: Prem and gang, Selva, the Desi Pundit gang, Shivam, Megha, Meenakshi, Nilesh, Guru, Sashi, Kanndave Nitya, Kalesh's World, Marathi Sahitya, Mugamoodi and Amazing Telugus. And special hugs to Jai and Sonia, two close buddies, whose wins in their respective categories makes me as happy almost as happy as my own win. Sonia's just had a book out, and after waiting for the launch for so many months, I'm a bit bummed to be here in Pakistan when it's happening.

And thanks to Debashish, who did such a wonderful job of organising the awards.
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