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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Goval Mandi

I have a busy day ahead, with not much time to blog, so here are some pictures I took three nights ago at Goval Mandi, Lahore's famous Food Street. Being a fan of the Minara Masjid food areas off Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai, as well as some of the joints on Bohri Mohalla near there, I had been keen to visit Goval Mandi. This was the real deal, I was told, the Mumbai places flourish mainly during Ramzan, but this is open all year, and it rocks.

Well, I liked the place but was disappointed with the food, perhaps because my expectations were astronomically high. I intend to go again and see if I just picked the wrong things from the wrong place. The street itself is wider than the Minara Masjid road, well lit up, and above the sparkling shops at the side there are colourful, bright verandas, and we wondered at one point if they were inhabited, for no heads were seen peeping through, looking out at all the meat down below.

Anyway, here are the pics (click on them to enlarge), a longer piece will follow sometime later on food in Lahore. (Note: we went to Goval Mandi between 10 and 11 pm, which is why the street appears relatively empty. I am told it fills up after midnight.)

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