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Thursday, December 29, 2005

From HITTs to LISTs?

I had once postulated that there are two kinds of terrorist targets: the High-Impact Tough Target (HITT) and the Low-Impact Soft Target (LIST). HITTs, like the Indian parliament or a prominent political leader, are hard to strike at, but those strikes have a high impact across the country. LISTs, like discos and malls, are much easier to hit, but have less of a national impact unless done on a large scale. Well, unfortunately terrorists in India might just have moved to LISTs, if the recent attack on IISc is anything to go by. My condolences to the bereaved -- and I hope that our security agencies catch the cowardly perpetrators of this crime and bring them to justice quickly. Why do I call them cowardly? Well opening fire with an AK-47 and throwing grenades on unarmed academics is hardly an act of courage. I hope we do not see more of this kind.
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