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Monday, November 21, 2005

Moving the stock market

Well, here's a new way -- DNA reports:
A primary teacher with Zilla Parishad school -- who also deals in shares -- has been arrested by the local police for allegedly threatening, through an e-mail, to blow up Bombay Stock Exchange, police said here on Sunday.

Upon questioning, Rahul Omkar Sonar (28), resident of Varangaon in Jalgaon district, who sent the alleged e-mail to BSE on Friday, disclosed that the purpose behind it was to create panic in the stock market, whereby share prices would have crashed, ACP Bhusaval G V Khan.

Apparently, Sonar's plan was to buy shares at low prices after market-crash and to sell them off for huge profit once normalcy was restored.
Hmm. The grammar of the middle paragraph in this excerpt worries me more than any threat to the BSE. Not merely the last part of it, but also that Sonar "sent the alleged e-mail" instead of allegedly sending the email. According to this report, thus, he undisputedly sent something but it may not have been an email.

(In case you're wondering why I'm spelling "email" two ways in this post, well, "email" is how it is spelt according to the alleged India Uncut Style Guide, but DNA spells it as "e-mail," so while quoting them, I don't change their spelling. In case you're not wondering about this, well, why have you read this paragraph? Shoo!)
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