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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The stomach to fight terrorism

Shekhar Gupta wonders if India has become "a weak, confused state", and if the terrorists have sensed it, and are emboldened by it. He writes:
Terrorism by itself may be an approach of total madness and irrationality. But terrorists are clever, calculating people. Also, they are human and read the mood, signals and the threat from the other side in pretty much the same way that the good guys do. In both these cases, it seems they waited long enough until they concluded the security establishment had become lazy and complacent enough for them to dare such major strikes after a long gap when the heat was on them.
As Gupta points out, it's not just the terrorists from across the border that we are going soft on but the Naxalites across the country, and the ULFA. The Congress has left many shameful legacies in this country's history – heck, every party has – but this might end up being the worst of them all. Read the full piece.
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