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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bibek Debroy forced to quit

The Indian Express reports:
After being asked by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation chairperson Sonia Gandhi to get all research papers vetted by her executive committee, Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies director Bibek Debroy has resigned.

Gandhi’s instruction follows Debroy’s report on economic freedom in Indian states which gave top ranking to Gujarat. The report was cheered, celebrated and publicised by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
This is disgraceful. Debroy's report is by no means an endorsement of Modi's government: it looks at data that was sourced before Modi's time, and in any case marks only economic freedom, not social or political freedom. Modi might have been opportunistic in celebrating the report, but there is no reason to punish Debroy for that. If Sonia could have pointed out flaws in the report and then come up with her diktat, it would have been justified.

She is, of course, the chairperson of the foundation, and can do what she wants with it. But this incident won't do its credibility any good.

Incidentally, here's an earlier piece by Debroy on the report.
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