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Friday, July 01, 2005

The dreams we have

Mid Day reports:
A desperate Sneha Joshi (29) attempted suicide on June 25 because her children refused to study.

Sneha has two sons, Ajay (11) and Akshay (5). According to the police and her husband, Rakesh (40), the children’s indifference to their studies drove her to attempt suicide.


A shaken Rakesh says he has no idea how things got so bad. “She always used to complain that the kids don’t study properly and that they harass her,” he says, “but I never dreamt it bothered her so much.”

He adds that Sneha wanted a better life for their children. “I’ve studied till Std XII, while Sneha is SSC pass. She dreams of her kids doing well in the future, but look what the dream has done,” he says bitterly.
That's one sad story. And while very few mothers would go to such an extreme if their kids didn't study, there's something universal in there. No?
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