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Monday, May 30, 2005

A budding moral police

Moral policing isn't restricted to just old and crusty politicians. The Indian Express reports what happened to Shakti Kapoor recently:
Today, Shakti was in Nagpur for a performance, when students approached him, saying they wanted to honour him with garlands and a tilak. Shakti accepted.

However, he received a rude shock when, instead of feeling flowers on his head, he saw the youths pour colour all over him. His whole face was blackened.

"I wasn't aware of their intention. They had a bottle of ink with them. They poured the entire contents on me and started shouted slogans like NSUI zindabad, [Long live the NSUI]" says the stunned actor.
And why did they do this? Ostensibly because of Kapoor's sleaziness, exposed recently during a sting operation by India TV. I happen to dislike the man, but nevertheless, this kind of hooliganism is worse than the behaviour it sets out to condemn. And it's a waste of ink.
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