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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Regular blogging resumes

I'm back in Mumbai, and cricket blogging will cease, though if you want to read more blogging on cricket by people who write about it for a living, I have something planned. Watch this space, for announcement of another one.

Blogging of a personal nature will also be reduced. I don't like to read blogs which are like diaries, on the lines of "I bought a new shade of lipstick today, and it's fuschia", and I don't like to write them either. But when I am travelling, I hardly get time to surf the net for news, and often have observations that come from my personal experience that seem interesting enough to share. It also seems fair to let my readers know if I am not going to be blogging for the next 28 hours because I'm a train, I mean, on a train, so they don't start to worry and go to the police or hold havans or stuff like that.

But I'm not travelling any more for a while, so I'll write less about what I'm doing. Starting with my next post.
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