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Friday, April 29, 2005

Police v Police

Mumbai's female policemen have complaints against Mumbai's male policemen. Mid Day reports that 120 female cops recently got together to complain about sexual harrasment to joint commissioner (crime) Meera Borwankar. Some excerpts:
An officer from a south Mumbai police station said a male colleague got himself massaged inside the station, right in front of his female colleagues.

Another participant, from a suburban police station, broke into tears while narrating a harrowing experience with one of her superiors. She said she was shunted to an insignificant department after she resisted his advances.

Several participants said male officers frequently undress in front of them at the end of their shifts. When asked not to do so, they make embarrassing, lewd remarks.

They target females whose marriages they know aren’t going well, usually by making them stay back late.

Some alleged that most officers and constables are often drunk, especially while on night duty.

Nice, that last bit about "most officers and constables" being "often drunk". As I wrote in an earlier post, Sunil More was not an aberration: cops in India, generally, are incompetent and untrustworthy. At least the men are.
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