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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Camera angle malfunction

Kashmira Shah is upset because a nude scene that she had shot for in a film called Revati shows her nude. A report on says:
She claims that the producer, Vikas Kaate, has somehow managed to capture more skin on the camera than she ever intended to show. Trusting the director she did a backless bathing scene, which now show [sic] side shots of her frontal too.

Side shots of her frontal? Mid Day, which can always be relied upon to shun such euphemisms, quotes her as saying:
There is a side shot of me showing my breast, when all I had shot for was a shot of my back without revealing anything. They haven’t even shot with a body double so I don’t even know how and when they shot these pictures. Brad [Listermann, her husband] will not like it when he hears of it.

The article has the relevant picture, and I can quite understand how she never realised that the camera had sneaked up to her side: there was soap in her eyes. And now we have an opera.
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