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Saturday, February 26, 2005

One at a time, please

Mid Day carries the bizarre story of a prisoner who escaped from police custody because both the policemen guarding him went to the toilet at the same time. The prisoner, an alleged chain snatcher named Bhuraji Regar, was under guard at a hospital, and the cops handcuffed him to the bed as they went to relieve themselves. Strangely, they did not take turns to go to the loo, but went together. When they returned, their man was gone.

The cops were named Kokane and Borade, and I can easily imagine a David Dhawan film that incorporates this incident, with Kader Khan playing Kokane and Shakti Kapoor playing Borade. The prisoner, of course, would be Govinda, and Shefali Zariwala would be the nurse who performs an item number.
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