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Monday, January 17, 2005

The liberty to vote

Yazad Jal, whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently, has modified the membership list of the libertarian cartel, and I'm delighted to find that I'm considered worthy of membership. Infighting has already begun, with Kingsley Jegan taking on Ravikiran Rao for the prize of Best Tagline in the 2005 Indibloggies. (Libertarians don't fight over girls.)

Yazad and Madhu Menon are battling each other in the Best Topical Indiblog category, where Madhu's excellent food blog is nominated. Meanwhile, both of Madhu's blogs are nominated for Best Designed Indiblog, and I can't imagine how he sleeps at night. The thought of losing to himself must surely haunt him.

I have no such issues. The Middle Stage is above such trivial concerns, so if you go over to vote for Best New Indiblog, please vote for India Uncut, and stop them splitting my vote. 23 Yards, my cricket blog, is nominated for Best Sports Indiblog, so if you like it, well, clicky.
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