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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bihar's booming industry

Goa has tourism, Assam has tea and Bihar has … kidnapping. One more schoolboy is feared abducted in Patna, as the Times of India does a story on how kidnapping has become the biggest industry in Bihar. I can well imagine this scene in class:

Teacher: So, Paplu, your turn now. Tell us what you want to do when you grow up.

Paplu: Teacher, teacher, I want to be an industrialist.

Teacher: Oh wonderful, Paplu. And what industry will you start?

Paplu: Teacher, teacher, kidnapping. Hum logo ko utthwa lenge.

Update: One man’s revenue stream is another man’s terrorism. News just broke that the Maoists of Nepal have kidnapped 700 students and 45 teachers in Nepal. This is terrible news. The Nepali Maoists are quite as ruthless as the men behind the Beslan crisis, and should have been crushed long ago. Hopefully, this will end differently.
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