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Monday, September 18, 2006

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

No no no, this isn't the much-awaited descent of India Uncut into inevitable insanity, but an example of a grammatically correct sentence created using homonyms and homophones. Read more about such sentences here. A couple of other examples from English:

"That that that that had been had been that that that had been had been unexpected."

"The last boss she had had had had enough of her."

And one in Tamil:

"Thuuppaarkkuth thuppaaya thuppaakith thuppaarkkuth thuppaaya thoou mazhai."

Yes, it's that kind of afternoon. Good evening, and all that.

(Link via Fark.)

Update: Zero writes in to say that the Tamil quote should end "Thuppaaya Thoovum Mazhai!" I picked that quote up from the Wikipedia article I linked to, so maybe a Tamil speaker among you could also edit that? I know no Tamil myself, sadly, and thus miss all the inside jokes at my favourite blog.
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