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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blame it on the spirit

Mid Day carries a story about a chap called Kishore Kumbhar who slashed the throat of his would-be wife, Shubhangi Salvi, shortly after their wedding ceremony began. Check out the following bits of the report:
Shubhangi’s brother Kishore Palvankar, who witnessed the incident, said, “Kumbhar was holding a coconut and a few other items in his hand. As soon as the shlokas ended and the veil separating the two dropped, he pulled out a razor and slashed her throat.”

Palvankar said the guests were about to lynch Kumbhar, whose family intervened to save him.

“We initially thought he was possessed by an evil spirit and tried our best to free him (from police custody). After all, we didn’t want to break up the marriage,” Palvankar added.

But Rohidas Palvankar, another relative of Shubhangi, said, “As soon as Kumbhar admitted that he had done it deliberately, we called off the wedding.”
So if you, reading this, wish to commit some gruesome crime, blame it on an evil spirit if you're caught. Scream:
I wuz possessed, I heard a stranger's voice speaking from my throat, I was not in control of my body, this evil spirit was, this evil spirit even molested me, with my own hands, ohhh, the horror, the horror!
And you know what? There'll be plenty of schmucks who'll believe you.
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