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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Santa and Shanti go on a hot date

Shanti: [Coyly] I think I'm in the mood for some chocolate pastry. Maybe some Black Forest. [Flutters eyelash, breeze comes.]

Santa: No, bad idea. Instead, I recommend you chew on some ginger.

Shanti: Ginger? No way! [Pauses, decides to try again, says coquettishly] Can I have some ice cream please?

Santa: No, bad idea. Instead, I recommend you have some soy.

Shanti: [Hopefully] Some mousse? Tiramisu? Caramel custard?

Santa: No, bad idea. Instead, I recommend you sip on some olive oil.

Shanti: [Loses her temper, crushes a wineglass in her petite right fist] But I so want my dessert? Why, why, why are you doing this?

Santa: Because I want to go to bed with you? Coming.

Shanti: No, bad idea. [Rises from chair, lifts it, bangs it down on Santa's head, and stalks out. Santa wakes up three hours later in hospital, and decides to sue Rediff for giving him all the wrong ideas with this article.]

Moral of the story: Just give the ladies what they want. Or suffer!
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