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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

P for Prison, Party, Predicament

There's a bit of a hoo-ha over a party allegedly thrown by Abu Salem in the Arthur Road jail, at which "there was special catering, cake and even alcohol." This leads me to wonder why people in jails should not be allowed to throw parties and suchlike with their own money, if they disturb no one else in the process. Sure, jails are meant to confine criminals, but besides free movement, should all the other rights that an individual normally enjoys also be suspended? And even if you feel convicted criminals should have no such rights, what about undertrails, who are presumed innocent?

If blogging badly becomes a crime and I'm accused of it and in jail, why should I not be allowed to order biriyani or a dvd flick to watch on my in-cell dvd player with my own money, as long as I inconvenience no-one else in the process? And even if I am convicted, isn't my captivity itself the sole intended punishment of the law? Hmm.
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