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Thursday, December 01, 2005

India Uncut turns one

Kicking and squealing, the baby emerged into the world.

India Uncut is one year old today. I've thoroughly enjoyed my year of writing it, and I'd like to thank my readers for, well, being my readers. I hope you enjoyed it too.

I've had some very rewarding moments writing this blog. I've done some journalistic stuff -- I travelled down south to Tamil Nadu after the tsunami struck South Asia, and my posts from there are archived here. (They also spurred an article on blogs as a medium of journalism.) I covered the India-Pakistan Test series for the Guardian this year, and blogged on the road and from the press box: you'll find those posts in my March and April archives.

But mostly, India Uncut has been a filter-and-comment blog. There is loads of new stuff on the internet every day to read, and one doesn't have time to go through nearly enough of it. What I attempt to do is find a few things that I find interesting, and link to them. If they amuse me, I indicate why; if I wish to comment on them or add perspective, I try and do just that. And sometimes, I don't even link to stuff, but just put up random reflections.

Needless to say, I can't satisfy all the people all the time. Some readers write in to say that they like my short filter posts, which save them the trouble of going out and looking for stuff to read themselves. Some readers prefer my longer essay-like pieces. Some readers enjoy it when I write about economics; some people get bored by those posts and want more humour. Well, although once in a while I do ponder about what my readers look for in India Uncut, my broad guideline to myself is to just write about things that I want to write about, to do work that I am happy with at the end of the day. Everything else is a bonus -- albeit a substantial one!

Blogging's been good for me in an educational sense because in the process of reading all that I have to read to write the blog, I've learnt a lot of stuff, and come across writers and sites I may not have otherwise. It's also been a good scratchpad for my thoughts, and some of the ideas that started as posts have evolved into articles I've written for mainstream media. It also keeps me writing every day, and for someone who wants to be a fulltime writer, it is useful exercise.

I've also made great friends after I started blogging, as I'd written about here, and have learnt a lot from them. I've also learnt various lessons from my time reading and commenting on other blogs, which I shall elaborate on some other time. There's a long day ahead, and I must get back to work.

This, by and by, is my 2174th post on India Uncut. This distance I've travelled -- and I hope to keep on going -- is your fault.

Thank you.
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