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Monday, October 31, 2005

A round-up of news after the blasts

A brief round-up of news and views after the Delhi blasts: The Times of India writes about how a "resilient Delhi" is coping with the blasts. PTI reports that at least 22 people have been detained in connection with them. ToI reports that "[a]n intensive combing operation has been launched to track down Pakistani nationals illegally residing in and around the city." The Union cabinet has reportedly been told that "Pakistan-based and supported groups" are responsible for this, while Avijit Ghose and Pradeep Thakur estimate that "[s]ince 1994, over 50,000 have died in terrorist-related violence in India." The opposition assails the ruling government, while protocol reasons force Manmohan Singh, the prime minister, to be largely invisible for quite a while after the blasts. Meanwhile, the Delhi police is kept on their toes by a "string of hoax calls." And for what it's worth, George W Bush condemns the blasts.

Among Indian bloggers, Nitin Pai and Primary Red of Secular Right India reaffirm their support for a hard line against terrorism. I agree wholeheartedly, while adding that coming down hard on terrorism and promoting other measures for peace, especially economic ones, aren't necessarily contradictory courses of action.
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