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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Go Sania, go

For the last few months, every time Sania Mirza does something notable, an anonymous reader sends me a link to the newspiece about it, and to a certain post I’d written in January. In the post, I’d criticised the Indian media for setting such low benchmarks of achievement that Sania’s winning the first round of the Australian Open became headline news and was massively hyped.

For some reason, this anonymous reader thought that I was criticising poor Sania. Well, not a hope of that. I’m a fan of the girl, I think she has fabulous spunk and killer instinct, and I hope she makes it much further in her career. (And maybe even in this US Open.) And the progress she has made in the last few months underscores the point I was making in that January post: we really should not set the bar so low, especially when our sportspeople are capable of going much higher.

Update: The media is trying to turn Sania into a style icon; that is what sells. Pity. We should celebrate Sania the sportsperson more than Sania the well dressed woman around town.

(Link via email from MadMan.)
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