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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Pink in Pink Floyd

"Chef Jitendra Kumar is a huge Pink Floyd fan," reports DNA. Kumar is the executive chef of Taj Lands End, where Roger Waters will stay when he comes here for his Mumbai concert, and he has plans. DNA reports:
“On the three nights Roger Waters is staying with us I am going to have three different themes,” says Chef Jitendra. And each theme is going to be based on Pink Floyd’s popular numbers.

The first night sees the room based on the band’s name itself — everything’s going to be pink. “I am getting pink chocolates in the shape of CDs done; I’ve imported all kinds of berries that are pink or close so they can be used in the fruit sushi that I am making; also to drop in a little cocktail that I am whipping up,” says a very excited Chef. Want more? He’s dehydrating rose petals, getting organic chocolates (Callebaut) and laying out little chocolate Florentines.
Immense laughter erupts. Just as hamburgers got their name from Hamburg and not the use of ham, the naming of Pink Floyd has little to do with the colour pink. A quizzing nugget you learn in standard one is that the band was named after blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, and their Wikipedia page reveals that it might also have been named after the cats of Waters's one-time room-mate, Mick Steadman. Either way, the colour had nothing to do with it.

Fun comes just thinking of Waters entering his pink room. All you need is Boy George popping out from below the bed saying, "Surprise!" One nice little party that will be.
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