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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Behold ye angels

Steven Moffat is a giant. From Coupling:
Do you know what arses are Patrick? Arses are the human races' favourite thing. We like them on each other. We like them on magazine covers. We even like them on babies. When we're alone we like to scratch them. When there's a fire, we like to warm them and who among us hasn't, in a lonely moment, reached back for a discreet fondle? We love our arses.

When God gave us our arses he had to stick them around the back just so that we wouldn't sit and stare at them all day. 'Cos when God made the arse he didn't say, 'hey it's not your basic hinge, lets knock off early.' He said, 'behold ye angels I have created the arse. Throughout the ages to come, man and woman shall grab hold of these and shout my name.' [Link.]
Indeed, the arse is divine, even if God herself does not actually exist. Reach back, put your hand in through the belt of your trouser/shorts/skirt/salwar/churidar/whatever, and caress your arse. Does it not feel nice?

Boisterous Buttoxication bounds!

(Link and quote via email from Aadisht and Gaurav.)
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