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Friday, January 12, 2007

Getting out of bed...

... can be so hard sometimes.

I'm in Chandigarh now. Just a few days ago, in Mumbai, I was expressing my nostalgia for winter. So here I am, and it is entirely too much for me. (I am told this is the coldest winter in Chandigarh for the last thirty-something years, which is most joyful.) I could barely get out of bed today, and am still half under my quilt.

Ah, the quilt! It is soft, thick, volumnious, so large that galaxies can be hatched under it, so warm that even eggs can be hatched under it. And outside the quilt, it is freezing, and I vibrate furiously as if I have a phone embedded in my skin and someone is calling me. Why to wake up then? Humans should also hibernate.

Anyway, I've actually been working from half under my quilt for the last few hours, furiously trying to finish a piece that is due tomorrow. That, and the poor quality of connectivity, will prevent me from blogging much today. The quilt, I assure you, will have nothing to do with it!

(Also see: On feeling cold.)
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