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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Times of India Index

Prem Panicker writes in regarding a report by the Times of India on Dell setting up a new plant in Nagpur. The web version of the report doesn't have the opening line that the print version does, which Prem refers to:
Thought of you while reading the ToI front page today. Especially this article on Dell setting up a manufacturing plant in Nagpur.

Para one, sentence one:

"Close on the heels of the Times of India opening an edition in Nagpur, US giant Dell has logged in to the city as well."

Post hoc ergo propter hoc? Not!

I had this sudden hilarious vision of Michael Dell, desperate to set up a manufacturing plant, sending his top people out on a fact-finding mission.

Find out for me, Michael says, where the best place to do business is.

Err, sir, how do we judge that?

Simple, idiots, yells Michael -- just check to see where ToI has started an edition; that is your hot spot.
Prem means this in jest, of course, but given that ToI is an advertiser-driven publication, I wonder if the editions it publishes, and the number of pages they contain, can be considered an indicator of the relative purchasing power of people in different cities. The ToI Index, anyone?
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