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Monday, November 06, 2006

On making money and meeting friends

A blogger named Dijo John, who runs a blog that is "primarily on adsense and and revenue from websites," recently did a case study on India Uncut, correctly concluding that I don't use my Adsense smartly enough. Sigh. This came a day after I found that my good friend Madhu Menon, who runs the marvellous restaurant Shiok, makes more money from Google Adsense than I do, despite not having blogged for months. People assume, from my traffic, that I must be earning a fair bit every month, but I did not expect to make money from blogging when I started, and happened to pick a template most unsuitable for all this.

Anyway, some minor changes to the template have been made in the recent past, with the recommendations of Amit Agarwal, whose wisdom and kindness abound in equal measure, as well as those of Madhu and Dijo. (Radical changes lie ahead, though.) I'm in Bangalore at the moment, in fact, and stayed over at Madhu's last night, after one of the great dinners of our times, with fellow bloggers Gautam John and Prabhu (Ferrari couldn't make it). The joy of making friends with people who are already friends, in a way, cannot be overstated.

The last two days have been rather busy -- Madhu and I are working on a top-secret project for the CIA, or some such -- and I haven't had much time to blog. But here I am now -- and I hope it's paying off!
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