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Monday, November 06, 2006

Looking for love

A friend and I were sitting in front of a computer recently, looking at a certain really cool blog. One of the ads on that site's Adsense was for a dating site for Indians, and my friend, a bachelor who can cook, clicked on it. He saw a link that said, "Women looking for men." He clicked on it. There was a list of loads of guys writing about themselves, with not a single woman in there.

He went back to the homepage, and now clicked on a link that said, "Men looking for women." Again, hordes of desperate, lonely men leaving hopeful (and sad) messages.

We commented on how any Indian dating site was bound to contain "8000 desperate men and two confused women." We both sighed: me for the state of my countrymen, he for, well, his own predicament.

So you can imagine how odd it feels to read of this gentleman named Peter Morris, who not only met women through a dating site, but discovered that they weren't looking for commitment, but merely desired sex.
I had been on the site only a couple of weeks before I met the first of what was to become a steady procession of correspondents whom I quickly named POWs - Predatory Older Women. [...]

We were sitting in a quiet corner of the pub, and I was sipping orange juice, when Mary told me in no uncertain terms that she was not looking for a serious relationship: what she wanted was uncomplicated sex three or four times a month. I must have looked shocked, because she raised a querying eyebrow. I recovered and asked if she was joking. Her reply still makes me smile. She said I looked like a man who would be "up for it".
No, dear friends, this won't quite happen in India, and there are a variety of reasons for this, none of which reflect well on Indian men. (If I may generalise loosely, knowing full well that exceptions exist, such as my own sensitive, metrosexual self.) I admire these women, actually, that they can express their needs with such honesty and lack of bullshit. Morris writes:
Thinking about it, I suppose it makes sense. Most single women over 50 will have had at least one long-term relationship. By that age, they've got rid of the kids, got rid of the man they don't want, and now it is time for them.
Go fer it, ladies!

(Link via email from Kind Friend.)
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