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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Everybody wants a little black dress

Well, not me, but my good friend Ravages certainly does. Why else would he send me a link to Top 10 Affordable Little Black Dresses for plus-size women?

No, but seriously, I'm a huge fan of little black dresses, and I'm also getting sick of the current fashion of women trying to lose weight to conform to some silly popular-culture projection of beauty. Listen, big asses are glorious things. Abundant hips are joyous. No man has ever complained about a woman being too chesty. All you dieting women out there, on the orders of India Uncut, instantly go and consume a chocolate. And an ice-cream. A gellato, while you're at it. What's that, jalebi? Go right ahead!

Let today be your Eat-For-Happiness Day.

Any man who gets in the way, sit on him. Carry a meal with you, and don't get up till it's digested.

And by all means wear that little black dress. Sexiness doesn't come from what you wear but how you wear it, so feel sexy and desirable. Think of all the slim women out there who just feel... hungry. Think of them and laugh with me: muhahaha.

PS. By the by, perceptions about being slim are changing gradually. Good.

(Daily Mail link via email from Prabhu.)
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