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Monday, September 25, 2006

The N70, E61 or E70

Which is worthy of being India Uncut's mobile phone?

As regular readers will be aware, I need to a buy a new handset, and am agonising over three choices. Many of you would be familiar with the phones in question, and would have useful advice to give. (IndianArchie has already given much valuable feedback.) So if you have the time, let me outline what I'm looking for, and what my shortlist is.

Broadly, three things attract me:

1] I want a phone on which I can surf the net, blog and do my email.

2] I'd like a camera as well, so anything bloggable can instantly to captured. (I can't lug my Canon around everywhere, after all.)

3] I want to listen to music.

My shortlist is:

1] The Nokia N70, which fulfills all three needs, though the interface doesn't quite seem so friendly for internet surfing, and it doesn't have a QWERTY keypad, which makes blogging etc more or less impossible.

2] The Nokia E61, which seems an outstanding business phone. I've read nothing but rave reviews of it, and it seems perfect for using the internet, with a QWERTY keypad, friendly interface and support for Word, Excel, PDF files and so on. Its sound is also supposed to be very good, and I liked the feel of it when I used it a bit at a store. But it doesn't have a camera!

3] The Nokia E70, which has a QWERTY keypad that folds out, all the features of the E61, and has a 2MP camera, like the N70. It's screen is smaller than the E61, though, and I haven't actually held it in my hands yet.

If the E61 had a camera, I wouldn't bother considering anything else. But it feels so good otherwise that it's still a contender. If you have any of these phones, or have useful advice to impart, please do write in. Immense gratitude will flow.

Update (October 13): The Nokia E70 wins.
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