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Thursday, September 28, 2006

From Google Adsense to Bling

Via Desi Pundit, I discover the top earners through Google Adsense among "individual site owners". No. 1 on that list makes US$300,000 a month. Sigh.

And what will they do with that money? Bling is an option. They could get a mascara and lipstick set worth Rs 64 crore. Jeans that start near the Rs 2 lakh mark. An MP3 player worth Rs 9 lakhs. Even a manicure worth almost Rs 14 lakhs. I know, I know, shopping can get tiring, so siddown and get yourself a cup of tea worth Rs 6.5 lakhs.

And now, when I'm thinking these inevitably sad thoughts, ICICI calls and offers me a loan. In case you're the salesgirl I just hung up on, do forgive me for being so brusque. It's a cruel world.

Update: Amit Agarwal, who knows more about Adsense than anyone in the whole world, writes in:
And while I read this post on your blog, the Google ad from Citibank offers me a 10l loan. (See screenshot.)
My joy knows no bounds. None. At. All.
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