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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Amitava Kumar v Salman Rushdie

There's nothing quite as much fun as a literary spat. Earlier today Amitava Kumar, who told me many delightful Bihari jokes a few weeks ago by the sea in Mumbai, wrote in to point me to a post he had written on Salman Rushdie. It seems that Rushdie was due to visit Vassar College, where Amitava teaches, and, offended by pieces such as this, "made it clear to the organizers that he would cancel if [Amitava] was involved in his visit."

There were no comments on the post when I read it a few hours ago, and I had no time to link to it then, having to go off to meet a visiting bureaucrat blogger buddy, who informed me of my subsidising the jute industry, which displeased me immensely. Anyway, I return to the post now to find that the sixth comment on it is by Salman Rushdie himself, who writes that he did not threaten to cancel his visit to Vassar, and merely refused to be on the same stage as him. He is also upset that Amitava did not "leave this matter private," and has accused him of being Kaizad Gustad's "bastard half-brother."

Ok, ok, I made the second half of the last sentence up. But it could happen, it could. Watch that space...
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