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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Post a silly pig

I decided a few months ago never to respond to these meme and tag thingies, but Kingsley's tagged me, and what the hell, here we go. I need to post a silly pig of myself, it seems. Hmm. I looked through the archives, and they're all silly, though the silliest pigs ever, of course, are the ones where one takes a pig of oneself through the mirror. Quintessential human silliness is revealed by that; you won't catch a cow doing that.

So below you see a pig I once took of myself through a mirror, with two friends of mine also present just for the heck of it. (I took their permission before uploading the pig, naturally.) The gent on the left with the goofy smile is Shriniwas Rao, cricket correspondent for the Indian Express; the sweet lady on the right is Mini Kapoor, who edits the books page for the Indian Express, and writes editorials for them as well. And that's me in the mirror. Don't the slender, artistic fingers, combining grace and a certain simian masculinity, instantly reveal that I'm a blogger?

The pig was taken at Cooco's in Lahore earlier this year (though on a later date than when I blogged about the place), in the narrow, winding stairway that leads to their rooftop. Apropos of nothing, I'm a huge fan of kababs.

Yes, yes, I know, silly me. Anyway, I think one has to tag people in this kind of a thingie, but I shall make my tags passable -- if you get tagged by me but wish to avoid public silliness, simply pass the tag on to someone else. (But be sporting, ok?) The people I'm tagging are: Jai (one of these?), aNTi, Peter, Saket and little n.

Update (September 1): Immense fun, everybody's posting silly pigs. Check out Jai (1 and 2), aNTi, Saket, little n, Kingsley, Chandru, Gaurav Mishra, Bombay Addict (1 and 2), Great Bong, Patrix, Nilu (1, 2, 3), Sakshi, Shoe Fiend, Krithiga, Neha Vishwanathan (1 and 2) and theothernilu.

Now that you know how ridiculous we all look, do you still want to read us?
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