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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Paris Hilton loves Austria

Why so? In her own words:
Because they pay me $1 million to wave at crowds!
See the last line here.

Paris isn't quite so fond of Poland though. I was privy to an interesting chat between her and a Polish promoter (PP) recently.
PP: Please, Ms Hilton, please come and wave at crowds in Poland.

PH: How much will you pay me?

PP: We can pay you $800,000.

PH: 800k? That's nothing. Austria pays me 1 million, and they throw in free beer.

PP: Ms Hilton, we were a communist country not long ago, we're still recovering.

PH: No, I'm sorry. I need more than 800k to wave at crowds.

PP: Could you at least wiggle a finger at them then?
And did you catch what she said a few days back about being an iconic blonde? She wasn't till she said it, I'd say, but having said it, now she is. I'm a huge fan of brunettes.

(CNN link via email from little n.)
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