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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Statues are statues, ok?

Nothing more. It's bizarre to see the importance people still give in our supposedly modern times to inanimate objects. A woman touches an idol, it's a scandal. Somebody vandalises a statue, violence breaks out. This latest uproar by the Shiv Sena is typical thuggery, focussing on abstract and bogus issues of pride and honour, instead of tackling, as good politicians should, real-world issues of poverty and crime and so on.

And why should thugs who damage public property be treated leniently if they do it under the pretext of religion or ethnic pride, or under the banner of a political party? Shameful. It makes me want to organise a morcha myself and go out and vandalise an Italian restaurant. "These people's pasta is an affront to the dignity of the Flying Spaghetti Monster," I could proclaim. Then I could slowly set the Zuppa Toscana on fire. All hail the FSM!
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