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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

SMS warrior

I thought those days were gone, when the only Indians in the Guinness Book of World Records would be the jokers who'd grow 30-foot nails and eat lightbulbs and write an epic on a grain of rice and grow snakes in their intestines, and so on. But no. Times have changed, and in this age of new media and new technology, IBNLive tells us about Mr Nitin Thakor, who "has set a new record of sending over five-and-a-half lakh SMSs in just 30 days in Gandhinagar."

Let's put that into perspective:
This means on an average, Nitin sent one SMS every five seconds, 13 messages ever[y] one minute, 718 messages ever[y] hour and 18,705 messages every day.
And that's an average. If our hero sleeps and eats and bathes like normal people, he'd need to send an SMS every three seconds, which either means he can type frightfully fast, or he sends blank SMSs. And who are the recipients of his largesse?
Nitin's passion for SMSs almost got him into trouble after he sent over a 100 messages to a police officer in a single day. His friends don't think his new obsession is too much fun either.

"In the evenings, we have to call him and tell him 'please do not send messages to me'. It’s then that I am spared," Nitin’s friend, Bhagirath Solanki said.
Naturally they call him. I don't think there'd be much point in texting him. Anyway, Nitin also announces that his aim "is to send one crore messages in a month," so I recommend you keep your number away from his phone book.

(Link via email from Sunil Kundal.)
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