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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sex in outer space?

It's hard enough to get it right on earth, and here we have MSNBC writing about how difficult sex in outer space would be. The reasons cited by them include "spacesickness," "the difficulty of choreographing intimacy," and "the potential for sweat and other bodily fluids to, um, get in the way."

Um, indeed. The article ends with the memorable phrase, "humanity's long-term push into the final frontier," which may or may not be a pun.

And why on earth would we want to extend humankind into outer space? End it here, I say. Life is a disease -- don't spread it.

(Link via email from little n. Gaurav Mishra also emailed me separately with a link to Xeni Jardin's post on the subject on Boing Boing, and about the time she went on a zero-gravity flight.

And no, men don't think about sex all the time. They do need to sleep, you know.)
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