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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Making out in a graveyard

In our bustling, congested cities, where do couples go to spend time together? It's a serious question, even a poignant one for some, so it's no surprise that HT Tabloid gets all frivolous with it, and produces a piece of fluff that begins with the line, "Which is more romantic: A graveyard or parking lot?"

Later, the piece elaborates:
Sharing some quiet moments together at Nehru Park or Lodhi Garden is now passé. Today, couples want to be innovative and try different dating places that can stir the senses.

When asked about her ideal dating spot, Shikha, a college-goer, said, "My perfect place would be the ruins one finds in South Delhi. Graveyards are also a nice place."
"[A]nother college girl" named Nisha is later quoted as saying that "window ledges are a good place for a sexy moment together," while someone called Rajeev is quoted as saying:
Being alone in an elevator can actually turn out to be a cozy place for a quick love bite. One can beat boring time in an elevator by being innovative. But beware! Getting cozy in an elevator can be a little risky also!
Do people actually speak like that? To top off the "I-learnt-English-last-week-and-wish-to-be-poetic" language, the article later informs us that "[a] rooftop could is also a favourite hang out for younglings who wish to touch the lofty heights of love." Instantly I recall my innovative days as a youngling, and my senses are stirred.

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