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Monday, July 24, 2006

Koena Mitra reveals all (and suchlike)

Indiatimes has an entertaining slideshow-cum-interview of Koena Mitra, who apparently "doesn't like to be labelled as an item girl and is looking for meatier roles." Many moments of amusement in there, such as when Koena says that "beauty and brains both matter a lot," and, when asked after that what she'd like to change about India, says: "Traffic, I think it should move faster..." Yeah, traffic's damn lazy, innit?

I also love the juxtaposition of image and text on this page. I can't figure out, though, why someone would ask a question about the last time Koena took a cab. (July 26 last year. So?) Anyway, Koena's favourite dish indicates that she at least has good taste, and if she ever offers to do anything I want ("Anything at all, Amit," she should remark sensuously, her bosom heaving), I will ask her to cook.
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